Gatteo Mare

Gatteo a Mare is a delicious maritime village, the most important community of Gatteo municipality. It is famous because Julio Cesar crossing the not far away river Rubicon pronounced the famous words: 'Alea iacta est” that is “the die is cast”, then becoming one of the most important kings of Rome. The origin of Gatteo is connected to the Romans. Recently it has been stated that this town was a roman camp. Its old name was “fundum Catei”: a rectangular plant castle that belonged to Rimini in the eighteenth's century. Then, it became feud of Guidi di Bagno.

In 1921 a change happened, since it became a sea town. The first 'Tourist businessmen' of this area had a successful intuition, because year after year, many Italian and foreign tourists have been storming the charming Gatteo A Mare.