Mirabilandia Park is the biggest amusement park of Italy and the most popular one. A wide green area, full of attractions and merry-go-rounds, visited by thousands of people who come back every year to visit this country area of Ravenna.

2013 starts with an important new event: the Divertical, a big water coaster where you will enjoy 106 km/h high speed. Divertical, 55 metres tall, is the highest one in the world, so that Mirabilandia gains a new record. For brave people the iSpeed the Rollercoaster: roller-coaster longer than 1.000 meters with curves, inversions and thrilling slides! Do not forget the Katun: a roller-coaster 50 metres tall with quick slides till 100 km/h on a scenery full of temples and Maya ruins, extra planned.

These are only a few of the merry-go-rounds of Mirabilandia but you can find there many more. For your kids, for example, you will find a special area, called Bimbopoli, where children can explore a world of fantasy, imagination and mystery.

If the weather is too hot, you can enjoy Mirabilandia Beach, the water park of Mirabilandia. An area that covers more than 100thousands of square meters where the summer of a real tropical island with white sand, pools and breath-taking slides have been recreated. Here you can take in the sun, have fun and eat the famous piadina typical of Romagna.